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Academic Regalia - Caps and Gowns



Once you have determined what it is you wish to purchase, you may place your order one of the following ways:


Please mail us a check for the full amount of the cap and gown sets you require. Together with your check, staple a sheet of paper with the following information.

  • NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER WITH AREA CODE (in case we have questions). We find it helpful if you include both a home and work (or cell phone) number, but if not, at least a home telephone number. An E-mail address (if you are sending us the order from someone else's computer, or by mail or fax) is also helpful, but not necessary.

  • STYLE OF CAP AND GOWNS YOU NEED (i.e. high school, masters, PhD, etc.).

  • QUALITY of REGALIA you will be receiving (Deluxe, Classsic, Economy)
  • COLOR OF CAP AND GOWNS (this applies to preschool, elementary school, and high school only). In the case of Ph.D. gowns, the color of velvet you would like (Black or Ph.D. Blue).

  • YOUR HEIGHT OR THE HEIGHT OF EACH PERSON TO BE RECEIVING A CAP & GOWNSTATE WHETHER ANY OF THE PEOPLE WEARING THE CAPS & GOWNS ARE EXTRA LARGE (a.k.a. full figured, fat, obese). If they are, please include the weight of the person together with the height.

  • YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS. AS WE WILL BE SHIPPING THIS UPS OR FED-X, WE NEED AN ACTUAL STREET ADDRESS AND NOT A POST OFFICE BOX NUMBER. That is because UPS and FED-X do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. If your shipping address is different than your billing address, please include both addresses for us.  If you would like your invoiced mailed to a different address than your shipping address, then please include both a billing and shipping address.

  • IF YOU ARE GETTING A HOOD, THEN THE TYPE OF HOOD, (BA, MA, or Dr./Ph.D.) and the DEGREE /COLOR OF HOOD THAT YOU NEED. Also please include the name of the school that you graduated (or are graduation) from AND the city. We ask the city because often times, the school colors will vary depending on campus.

  • THE DATE THAT YOU WILL NEED THE CAP AND GOWN. We will try to get it to you sooner, but it always helps to have a date.
Our Address is as Follows:
    Saxon Uniform Network, Inc.
    Harmony On Stage Academic Regalia Dept.

    P.O. Box 81689
    Pittsburgh, PA 15217  
Shipping/Handling/Insurance Charges for UPS GROUND for individual sets are as follows:
  • Under $250 subtotal of merchandise, $12.50
  • Over $250.00 subtotal of merchandise, 5% of subtotal.


For Rush Shipping, please add $15.00 to above
For Rush Rush via 2 Day Air, add $20.00


You may order by sending us a check or via E-Mail


Please include all of the above information together with your payment information.

If you send us your order via e-mail, we will send you a reply via e-mail once we have receoved your order. 

<Mr. Murfy says: Since we say that we send a thank you acknowledging your order, if you don't get a Thank You or reply within 1-2 business days, CALL US! If the order was sent fax, we normally don't reply, but if you want us to call you or fax you or e-mail you to let you know that we received your order, indicate as such on the fax you send us. Or call us or e-mail us a day after sending your fax, so we can verify that we received it.>


All caps and gowns sales, including hoods, are final.

We have had to implement this policy due to the fact that certain unscrupulous people have bought caps and gowns from us, only to later return them, for one reason or another, after their march or graduation ceremony. The only exception to our 'all sales final' rule is as follows: Customers who purchase VIP Economy regalia, wishing to upgrade to "classic" or "deluxe" regalia, may return their previously purchased VIP regalia and receive a 100% credit towards their new puchase. For example, if a person purchased a economy gown for $80.00 and later decided to upgrade to a $375.00 custom set, we would upon receipt of their economy gown, credit them the $80.00, and they would only need to pay $295.00 

If you wish to pay via check, please either snail mail the check to

Saxon Uniform Network, Inc.
Attn: Harmony Academic Regalia 
PO Box 81689
PA 15217

or if you prefer to send via UPS or FedEx, send to

Saxon Uniform Network, Inc. 
Attn: Harmony Academic Regalia
5632 Pocusset Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Be sure to also include your telephone # in case we have any questions.

If you prefer, you may E-MAIL or fax us your information. Our toll free fax # is 1-888-315-8760, or outside USA 561-431-8172

Or you may call us at 412-422-GOWN (412-422-4696) or toll free (USA) 1-800-788-9336



If you have any questions, now or any time after your order is placed, you may either E-MAILor for faster service call us at
412-422-GOWN (412-422-4696). Our fax # is 561-431-8172 or toll free (USA) 1-888-315-8760


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Please call us at 412-422-GOWN (412-422-4696) or
USA Toll Free 1-800-788-9336 with your requirements.

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